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PEOPLE´S MEDIA is proud to announce that the European Commission has approved our intercultural project

Motivating literacy
how to creatively encourage people to write

Mo, 14th of October - Mo 21st of October 2013

and invites you to participate in a fully financed
8-day stay in the Austrian City of

UNESCO World Heritage, Cultural Capital 2003,
UNESCO City of Design 2011

- With Accomodation in single rooms
- Full board with meals in typical Austrian restaurants
- Workshops, activities and visits according to the description
- Refund of travel costs

Combating illiteracy is a big deal even in democratic times with free basic education. But often the reason of writing and reading problems is not the lack of abilities or practice but the monotony of stereotyped education strategies which don’t increase neither motivation nor creativity. Aim is to transmit unformal methods to motivate people to write as well as to provide the skills to pass these methods to other people, students or groups.

This workshop revises the wide range of creative exercises and free writing methods which inspire fantasy and, moreover, the will and need to write. Creativity writing techniques impulse the flow of feelings in a spontaneous, often unique way, opening the mind and increasing the motivation for written communication. No matter if your students are dyslexic, have grammar problems or don’t like to take a pen – the exercises are conceived to make work their mind in a way they will feel the necessity to put their ideas on a paper and enjoy writing!

daily plan,

Application Form

Deadline of application:

13th of Sept
Conditions of participation:
You should
- Be between 18 and 80 years old
- Be interested in writing
- Have your professional focus in didactic, pedagogic, managing or administrative functions
- Arrive from an European country
What we do

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